Resource Lab Printing

We print on a variety of media - card stock, photo quality paper, just plain paper, or even sticker paper. We also offer 3D printing in a variety of colors. For more information about what we have available, please email If you are interested in printing with the Resource Lab, please familiarize yourself with our Printing Policy, especially if you are a staff or faculty member of LC.  Print requests typically take 2-3 business days for processing.

Resource Lab Printer Policy

The Resource Lab primarily serves undergraduate and graduate students along with faculty. Law faculty may also use our services. Law students or law staff/faculty with personal printing may be prohibited from using our services if paying with print balance, as Law school print balances is managed separately from the undergraduate/graduate campuses. 

Our preferred file types for printing are: PNG, JPEG, PDF, and Photoshop files. Other file types sent to the RLab may be converted into one of the preferred file types before printing. Image modification or design is the sole responsibility of the user, and must be completed before the image is submitted for printing. However, the Resource Lab will resize images if they are not equivalent to the requested print size. Users who wish to contract RLab students for design work may contact the Service Desk Manager or Technology Support Coordinator for recommendations. Any of this contract work must be negotiated and completed outside of the Resource Lab or the student’s normal working hours. 

The Resource Lab can only accept payment in the form of print balance and budget codes for charging - partial or incomplete budget codes will not be accepted. Printing that can be charged to a budget code is divided into two categories: academic and non-academic. Academic printing is defined as materials that are a required part of, or contribute to, a student’s academic assignment, or represents college-sponsored research or academic work. Non-academic printing is all material that fall outside of this definition, include advertising, directional signs, and informative posters not directly related to academic efforts.  All non-academic printing is handled by the Lewis & Clark Print Center.

Departmental academic printing, paid for by a budget code, is subject to a $25 fee per 25 prints. A print is defined as a single-printed item - we do not differentiate between size or paper types.

Regardless of whether a print job is paid for with print balance or a budget code, only one account or code may be used. Jobs cannot be split between accounts or codes - they must be entered separately. In the case of budget codes, additional non-academic fees may apply. 

Cost of printing for available paper/quality/size is outlined in both dollar amount and print balance. The information is accessible both online and in the Resource Lab. Costs are final in all cases except when the user provides their own paper. In that case, the cost of printing is halved to account only for ink used. 

The Resource Lab will re-print simple mistakes caused by Resource Lab staff or printers up to three times at no additional cost. Covered mistakes include incorrect sizing, incorrect paper quality, streaks, smears, teats and extreme color inaccuracy due to ink cartridge issues or incorrect settings. However, the Resource Lab cannot guarantee or be responsible for the following:

     - perfect, relative color accuracy

     - sizing issues caused by the initial size or size ratio of the provided image

     - formatting issues caused by exporting images to the preferred file types

     - pixilation caused by enlarging a file to the requested size

These mistakes are not covered, and re-printing will be charged at the usual cost of printing.

The Resource Lab reserves the right to decline print jobs paid for by budget code that would be better served by the Print Center in Howard Hall. This includes non-academic printing on standard paper sizes (such as 8.5x11 and 11x17 tabloid) and paper quality other than semigloss photo paper (such as plain or card stock). Academic printing paid for with print balance is exempt from this, as the Copy Center does not accept print balance as a form of payment.

For questions, comments, or concerns regarding our Resource Lab printing policy, please email us at

3D Printing

The Resource Lab has added a Makerbot 3D printer to its stable of cutting edge machinery.  What is 3D printing you say?  Well, it’s just that—the ability to print an object in three dimensions.  This means you can create objects using 3D modeling software, such as Google Sketchup (free) and print them out in various colors of PLA starch-based plastic. 

Some examples of prints we’ve created over the summer include: spheres, pyramids, containers, a boomerang and a replica of a TARDIS!   You could download and modify any of  thousands of open-source 3D models from sites like Thingiverse.

If we’ve piqued your interest (we have), and you’ve got a compelling idea for a 3D printing project, contact the IT Service Desk about what is possible.

Color Ink-jet

Our color Ink-jet printers are the best for quality printing. You can print digital photos that look like, nay, they ARE real photos!  Sizes can vary from 8.5”x11” up to 100’x42” on our large format printer of awesome. 

Color Phaser

Phaser printing, like Laser-jet printing, is great when you need a color reference, or just want to add some pizzaz to your report.  It will print 8.5”x11”, 8.5”x14”, or 11”x17”.

Black & White Phaser

The good old black and white. When the library is busy or you need to print on special paper, this is your printer.