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Information Technology

Adjunct Loaner Pool Adjunct Pool Terms of Use

Information Technology maintains a limited pool of computers specifically for temporary use by adjunct faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences.

You must agree to the following terms if you wish to use computers in the Adjunct Loaner Pool.

  • The computer may be loaned for up to one academic year at a time. Each academic department is responsible for requesting adjunct computers for their adjunct faculty.
  • One computer request per form submission.
  • Requests will be filled in the order they are received. Requests will be accepted beginning the same day computers are retrieved and will be accepted until the Pool is depleted.
  • Every May, Adjunct computers will be retrieved by IT the second Monday after grades are due. No exceptions can be made. 
  • Each user is responsible for their data. Any data remaining on the machine at the time of retrieval will be permanently removed. Archive your data to a flash drive, external hard drive, CD, WebDisk, or a network drive.
  • All systems are up and functioning.

  • Apple has recently released their new operating system for iMacs called Mojave.  Until we’ve had a chance to run the new OS through our vetting process, we would strongly encourage you to hold off upgrading your computers for the time being.  We will let you know once we feel confident that our network, tools and software will work properly with Mojave. 

  • Departmental printing is now being handled by the Lewis & Clark Print Center.  The Print Center is happy to take care of your print requests!  Give them a call at x7768 for assistance.

  • The IT Service Desk has implemented a phone tree to better service the campus community.  Please listen to the new prompts the next time you call x7225.

  • Need help connecting to Wi-Fi? Click here!

Information Technology

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