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copyright response procedures

Lewis & Clark’s Procedures for Responding to Copyright Infringement Claims

When Lewis & Clark receives a copyright infringement claim involving music, video, software, games or other digital material, it takes the following steps under the 1998 federal statute known as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA):

  • The infringement claim is emailed to the Information Security Officer.
  • The Information Security Officer checks event logs to correlate the information provided in the claim with a specific network user.
  • If a correlation is determined, network access is suspended immediately and the user is re-directed (quarantined) to a website with information about why network access has been suspended and instructions.
  • The user must bring his/her computer to the Information Technology Service Desk to verify that the file identified in the claim and the file sharing software are removed.
  • Network access is restored upon verification (and education).

Second Offense:

  • If someone should receive a second infringement claim, network access is suspended and the “evidence” is turned over to the student conduct system.