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Information Technology

Network and Telecommunications Upgrade

Few reminders:

  • Fax lines still require a “9” to dial out.  Faxes DO NOT need a long distance code. 
  • You will now receive voicemail to your e-mail.  
    • Your phone will light up Red when you have a new voicemail.
    • If you delete the voicemail from your e-mail, it will delete it off your phone as well.
    • If you listen to your voicemail through your e-mail, your phone light will turn off.
    • If you delete your voicemail from your phone, it will NOT remove it from e-mail.
  • You can retrieve your voicemail from outside the campus by calling 503 768-7010.  Be sure to use your entire phone number (10 digits) as your ID. 
Cisco 7821 Cisco 6941 Cisco 7962
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Long Guide Long Guide Long Guide

LIVE - August 9th

We have successfully cut-over to our new Cisco phone system!

Starting Sunday Aug. 9th, you should now be using your new desk phones.  A few reminders:

  • You no longer need to dial a “9” to make calls
  • If you had a long distance code, you will no longer need to use it
  • Someone will be by within the next couple of weeks to collect your old phones for recycling
  • If you need to make International calls, and don’t currently have that ability, please contact the IT Service Desk.  We will need to make provisions to your phone in order to add this functionality.

As with any significant infrastructure upgrade, there are going to be areas which were missed or perhaps not translated correctly to the new system.  If you notice any of the following, please let us know by contacting the IT Service Desk at x7225 or

  • You don’t have a new Cisco phone and were expecting one
  • You need assistance resetting your voicemail password
  • You need more extensions, or the extensions you were expecting are not present
  • Incorrect phone number or display name is wrong
  • Call tree behavior does not match what was previously in place
  • Fax machine not sending or receiving faxes

We did everything possible to preserve the functionality from the old system and migrate it to the new.  However, we do expect there to be some minor changes in the new phones behavior.  We have a support team standing by and are ready to help make any necessary adjustments to the new system.

Thank you for your patience as we worked through this project.  We sincerely hope the new phones will give us many years of excellent service as well as position us for future needs. 


Update - August 3

The phone system upgrade is scheduled for Saturday August 8th starting at 7:00am.  

The IT Infrastructure team has worked very hard on overcoming the technical challenges which prevented our last attempt at go-live and we feel we are ready to try again.  

On Monday morning, Aug. 10, your NEW Cisco phone will become your primary phone and your existing phone will cease to work.  Within the next couple of weeks, someone will come by to collect the older phones so that they can be recycled appropriately. 

Thank you for your support and patience as we work through this effort!



Update - July 18

During our planned migration to our new phone system, we unfortunately ran into a significant technical issue with some of our ancillary equipment on campus.  While our new phone system is ready for use, some of the older equipment that relies on it for communication purposes did not behave as expected when it was migrated.  
Therefore a decision was made to postpone the migration until we are confident all services will migrate safely.  We are NOT live, at this time, on our new phones.  

A tentative date of Sat. Aug. 8th has been set as the new migration date.




Please note: your phone may not have all of the features listed in the documentation

CAS/LAW phones  (full documentation)

CAS/LAW phones  (quick guide)

GSEC phones (full documentation)

GSEC phones (quick guide)


Update - July 13

New phone system “Go-Live” cutover is on schedule for Saturday July 18th!

Some important information about your new phones.

  • You will no longer need to dial a “9” in order to dial outside numbers!
  • If you have a long distance code, you will no longer need to type in the extra 8 digit number to make long distance calls!
  • Staff members will start receiving voicemail in their e-mail automatically.  When you delete a voicemail message from your e-mail, it will delete it from your phone as well.
  • If there is a phone tree associated to an extension, it will be migrated to the new system.
  • If you have any voice messages on your existing phone, and wish to save them, we can transfer those message to a file and send them to you via e-mail.  All you need to do is contact the IT Service Desk and ask for old voice messages to be sent to you. 
  • If you’re experiencing any problems making calls, or need more help, please contact the IT Service Desk and someone will get back with you as soon as possible.
  • You can contact the IT Service Desk at x7225 or


UPDATE - June, 30 2015

IT is on track to meet the July 18th cut-over plan!  

On Thursday 7/2, we will begin installing new IP phones on all desks.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Your existing phone will remain on your desk, and will be fully functional, until July 18th.  Your new IP phone will be installed on your desk, but will not be functional until July 18th.  Within a month of the cut-over, someone will be by in order to collect your old phone in order to properly recycle it.  


The IT department is pleased to announce that a change is coming to our campus’ phone system! The project involves moving to VoIP (Voice over IP) this July, replacing our existing analog telephony system with a more current, digital telephone system.  

We are migrating to a Unified Communication technology, which simply means that we are combining our voice, data, and (future) video systems into a single platform.  There is no longer a need for separate systems for voice, data, and video.  The convergence of these three technologies is what comprises Unified Communications.

Why are we doing this?

Quite simply, support for our existing telephone system is ending.  As with most technology, it’s time to move to the next generation in order to stay current.  This move also aligns us well with many of our peer colleges in meeting industry standards.

Who will this affect?  

All staff and faculty will be receiving new phones.  These include all desk phones and classroom phones.

What are we doing?

The first step to this project began earlier this year.   The IT Infrastructure team replaced all of the network switches on all 3 campuses (160+ in total!).  If you didn’t notice this change, then great!  We did our job well.  If you did, we hope that it was a minor inconvenience and that we were able to quickly resolve any issues.

The next phase of the project will be to install the new phones on desks next to existing phones.  The new phones won’t work right away: since there are so many, we need some time to get them out there and ready to go prior to making the switch.  Our plan is to do a single massive cut-over to the new phones over one weekend in July.  At that point, your old phone will stop working and your new phone will be on.  We will then schedule someone to come by in the following weeks to pick up your old phone so we can recycle them.

What does this mean to you?

Besides having 2 phones on your desk for a few short weeks, this shouldn’t impact you too much.  The feature functionality will remain the same as that of your existing phone, although, of course, icons and buttons will look a little different and be in different places.  As your new phones get delivered and installed, you will receive handy documentation on how to use them.  

Additionally, the only other notable change will be that you will no longer need to dial an escape character, 9, to dial external numbers.  

How will I know when things are happening?

As this project progresses, and dates are defined, we will keep this page updated.  Communications are planned regarding time frames for events and will be emailed out accordingly.