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Disassociate Name From Identity



´╗┐Project Stage: Planning

Project Summary: This project will allow greater ability to accommodate name (identity) changes. User identity will no longer be tied to email address, which will make the process of changing email addresses less prohibitive.

Project Lead: Brad Wilkin

Relevant changes following completion: User email addresses will be independent from username. Email addresses will utilize aliases to allow for changes. Impacted systems will be identified and modified to accommodate this change in methodology

Anticipated service disruptions: Username impacts a great many systems, the full extent may be difficult to predict. Project team will take great care to minimize potential disruptions.

Additional considerations: The project is intended to establish a new methodology for digital identity. Current methodology has made it prohibitively difficult accommodate changes in name.

Project Submitted: 1/2017

Project Initiation: 11/17/2017

Project Milestones:

  1. Identify all resources, human and otherwise, needed to implement project.

  2. Develop plan for implementation.

  3. Completion imminent.

Completed Project: User email address will be independent from username.

Anticipated Quarter of Completion: Q4

Executive Council Priority Tier: Tier 1


Last Updated: 1/17/2018

Project Charter