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Information Technology




´╗┐Project Stage: Planning 

Project Summary: Implement an eCommerce solution on campus in order to better address PCI compliance

Project Lead: Jess

Relevant changes following completion: Our non-compliant credit card transactions currently happening on the network will occur offsite

Anticipated service disruptions:

Additional considerations: Reduces risk or improves security

Project Submitted: 2/10/2015

Project Initiation: 2/12/2015

Project Milestones:

  1. Identify current eCommerce services on campus
  2. Identify workstations that handle credit card information
  3. Assist in moving all on-premise solutions to hosted solutions
  4. Harden all workstations that handle credit card information

Completed Project:

Anticipated Quarter of Completion: Quarter 1 - Quarter 4

Executive Council Priority Tier: Tier 1

Last Updated: 10/08/2015

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