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Information Technology

Identity Management



´╗┐Project Stage: Planning

Project Summary: Examine and improve how constituents are granted and revoked access to accounts and services at the institution

Project Lead: Adam

Relevant changes following completion:
1) IT systems will have implemented a role-based identity management solution that communicate with the myriad other systems on campus
2) Business processes related to identity management will be investigated and analyzed to determine and implement process improvements and efficiencies
3) Policies regarding identity management, including creation, modification and deletion of individual accounts and roles will be written or re-written

Anticipated service disruptions:

Additional considerations: Reduces risk or improves security, Automates one or more manual learning/business processes, Enables standardization of 1 or more learning/business processes

Project Submitted: September, 2014

Project Initiation: 1/14/2015

Project Milestones:

Completed Project:

Anticipated Quarter of Completion: Quarter 1 2016

´╗┐Executive Council Priority Tier: Tier 1.5

Last Updated: 7/27/2015

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