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Information Technology

PCI Physical Compliance



´╗┐Project Stage: Planning

Project Summary: Assist the institution in becoming PCI compliant with our physical point of sale devices

Project Lead: Jess

Relevant changes following completion: On campus physical point of sale devices will follow PCI compliance

Anticipated service disruptions:

Additional considerations: Reduces risk or improves security, Enables standardization of 1 or more learning/business processes

Project Submitted: Unknown

Project Initiation:

Project Milestones:

  1. Identify areas of card present transactions
  2. Inventory hardware used in card present transactions
  3. Assist in centralizing documentation of all merchant agreements
  4. Assist in migrating to hosted solutions, where possible
  5. Assist in upgrading equipment where necessary
  6. Architect segmented network if necessary (wireless/wired)

Completed Project:

Anticipated Quarter of Completion: Quarter 1 - Quarter 4

Executive Council Priority Tier: Tier 1

Last Updated: 10/08/2015

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