Mobile Safety


  1. Stay Updated – Always apply software updates
  2. Password Protect – Enable the password/PIN option
  3. Trusted Apps Only – Download apps from trusted marketplaces
  4. People You Know Only – Don’t give your mobile number to people you don’t know; don’t reply to text messages from people you don’t know
  5. Disable Geo-Tagging – Learn how to disable geo-tagging on your device
  6. Limit Behavior on Wi-Fi Hotspots – Try not to conduct sensitive business
  7. Secure Web URL – Look for https:// or shttp:// when banking and shopping
  8. File a Complaint – Unsolicited texts, telemarketing, spam can be reported with the FTC (
  9. Blocking - You can block all incoming calls or block individual names and numbers
  10. Lost Device - If your phone is lost or stolen, attempt to find it with a tool or report it to your local police station and your network operator immediately