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Information Technology

Phishing Awareness

Phishing Awareness

You are being re-directed to this site because you replied to a phishing, or spear phishing, email and/or clicked on a malicious link referenced in the email message.

A phishing email is a targeted message claiming to be from a legitimate source you trust, like Lewis & Clark, but is really an attempt to gain your personal account information so it can be used for illegal activity.

The emails usually have grammatical errors, mis-spellings, and try to convince you that your account information is needed under the guise of some email upgrade. You are asked to reply to the email.

The emails may also contain links that take you to malicious websites that gather your login credentials and/or install unwanted software (malware) that then uses your computer to attack others.  These websites are disguised to look like your trusted website, such as your bank or webmail pages; however they only serve to capture your login credentials.

If you responded with your account credentials or visited a webpage and entered your credentials there, your account is now in the hands of a criminal and should be changed or reset immediately to something new.


IT will never ask for your password! 



System Status

  • alert

    A phishing email was sent out to some in the LC community with the subject “Lewis & Clark College Survey”.  If you receive this email, please delete it right away and do not attempt to click on the link.

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