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Uncommon Journeys

Uncommon Journeys are a series of stories that illustrate the kinds of people, activities, and outcomes that make up the people of Lewis & Clark.

Many individuals in the Lewis & Clark community have stories that can be told as a journey where studying, working or being at Lewis & Clark was part of a personal transformation. Perhaps a student came from a challenging background to achieve academic excellence at Lewis & Clark; another student may have had life-changing experiences during overseas study. An alum may have taken a sharp turn in his career path after college, leading him somewhere he didn’t expect but that has turned out to be a revelation. A faculty member may have journeyed through the Ivy League, or through fieldwork in Brazil, before arriving on Palatine Hill.

Uncommon Journeys are not always our most famous, most accomplished, most lauded individuals, but strike a balance between our tradition of excellence in all areas of human endeavor— academic, athletic, social— and the everyday experiences of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Above all, these are true stories about real human beings and together they present a well-rounded glimpse into the lives of real Lewis & Clark people, showing us as we are.