December 02, 2019

Pamplin Society of Fellows Blog

25th Anniversary of the Pamplin Society and 2019 Induction Dinner

  • Guest alumni
    Nina Johnson
  • Current fellows with Dr. Pamplin
    Nina Johnson
  • New Inductees. Class of '22
    Nina Johnson
  • Tiona Wu '22 and Dr. Pamplin
    Nina Johnson

This year was the 25th anniversary of the Pamplin Society of Fellows, an occasion that garnered much excitement for Pamplin professors and students alike. The induction dinner was doubly special because of the inauguration of new Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr. Associate Professor of Government, Todd Lochner.

The night started with an invigorating lecture from Todd on “A Realist’s Critique of Campaign Finance Regulation and Enforcement”, peppered with questions from the audience that stimulated discussion. Hearing an in-depth explanation on the intricacies and loopholes of Oregon campaign law and the breakdown of commonly unforeseen consequences made it a wonderful talk. Not to mention, it was a brilliant opportunity to taste test what it would be like to be one of Todd’s students.

The reception after was a great time to mingle with professors, students, and alumni alike, before moving into Stamm Dining Hall for the official induction dinner. As one of the new fellows who had never experienced an induction dinner before, I was struck by how grand the whole affair was. Beautiful vases of flowers decorated the centre of every table, with place settings marking out your assigned seat. There was lively conversation all around as people trickled in, chuckling at the nostalgic group photos of past fellows that were displayed on overhead television screens. Following a short and sweet welcome speech by President Wim Wiewel and invocation of Dr. Robert B. Pamplin, Jr, dinner was well under way! After some lovely food and getting to know the people on my table, the speeches celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Society began. 

Pamplin Professor of Science Janis Lochner formally introduced Todd Lochner as the new Pamplin Professor of Government, after which Stephen Dow Beckham, Professor Emeritus gave a touching speech interwoven with quotes from Pamplin Society alumnus. As a new inductee, hearing the fond memories from so many generations of past fellows gave me a glimpse into the community that the Pamplin society has built, leaving me tremendously excited to become a part of it. Similarly, hearing how the society had benefitted its alums, as outlined in a rousing speech from Jackson Thein, gave me much more insight to the aims of the Society. The ensuing induction of all the new fellows was so touching it nearly brought me to tears, as I heard each professor bestow the kindest words upon their respective new inductees. As it came my turn to be inducted into the society, I felt my nerves rising, yet hearing the loveliest, sweetest introduction from my guest professor Jerusha Detweiler-Bedell, settled them right away. Finally, after the presentation of all the present fellows with their guest professors, a classically whimsical speech from Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr. brought the night to an end, wrapping up a wonderful night of celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Pamplin Society of Fellows.

Tiona Wu ’22