• In publications referring to two or more Lewis & Clark schools, use the following model to identify alumni and students:

Jane Smith BA ’21
Joan Smith JD ’01
Janet Smith MAT ’14

  • Do not use periods for degree abbreviations.
  • Use a space between a degree abbreviation and year.
  • Use an apostrophe (or single closing quote mark) at the beginning of the number.


  • Do not use a comma to separate a name from a Lewis & Clark degree, except when citing multiple L&C degrees.

Sean Smith BA ’04
Juan Smith BA ’17, MAT ’20

  • Use a comma to separate a name from a degree granted by an institution other than Lewis & Clark.

Jeanne Smith, JD University of Virginia

  • Use the following form in lists or photo captions when identifying people who earned a certificate but not a degree at Lewis & Clark:

Ian Smith, Educational Leadership certificate ’05

Note: Capitalize Certificate if using headline capping style for the caption or list.

  • When referring to a certificate holder in running text, describe the certificate (rather than identifying the person with an abbreviation and year in the manner of a degree holder or degree-seeking student).

Ian Smith, who holds a certificate in educational leadership, …

  • When identifying people in lists or photo captions who studied at Lewis & Clark but were not part of a degree or certificate program, cite the last year in which they took classes at the school. Do not use a degree abbreviation.

Sinead Smith ’00

  • When referring to a former student in running text who was not part of a degree or certificate program, use one of the following models:

Sinead Smith, who studied at the Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling from 1998 to 2000, …

Smith completed the Standard Superintendent licensure program at Lewis & Clark in 2000.

  • Adapt the above guidelines as necessary to suit the context of a citation.