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International Students of Lewis & Clark (ISLC)

Iron Chef

Date: 6:00pm - 7:00pm PST November 29, 2012

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What: Iron Chef

Where: Fields Dining Hall
When: 6pm

Come watch three teams battle it out Kitchen Stadium style. They will have 30 minutes to cook a delicious meal for the judging panel, which will decide the winning dish. A secret ingredient will be revealed on the day and each team must incorporate the ingredient into their main dish inorder to win. Each preselected teams consist of one Bon Appétit chef, one faculty member, one staff member and one student. Audiences will be able to watch the battle around the vicinity and on projection screens that will be set up in the Bon. 
Only one dish will reign supreme.

Team 1:

-Edward Cushman (Philosophy Prof)
-An officer from Campus safety
-Emily Newton (Undergraduate student)

Team 2:

-Bruce Suttmeier (Associate Professor of Japanese
and Department Chair)
-Charlie Ahlquist (SOAA AD)
-Simon Monley (Graduate student)

Team 3:

-Naiomi Cameron (Math Prof)
-Dinari Foreman (Head Men’s Basketball Coach ) 
-Emmanuel (AES students)


-Mimi Morgan (AES Prof)
-Anna Gonzalez (Dean of the Students)
-Matthew Wong (Undergraduate student)
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International Students of Lewis & Clark (ISLC)

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