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Ronna and Eric Hoffman Gallery of Contemporary Art

youniverse—past, present, future

Date: 12:00am PST January 17, 2017 - March 5, 2017 Location: Hoffman Gallery

Hoffman Gallery

Running January 17 through March 5, 2017, the collection, rather than being a survey of Savinar’s four-decade studio practice, focuses on two bodies of his work: prints, paintings, and sculpture created between 1994 and 2011; and works conceived in Florence, Italy, in 2014 and others that followed into 2016. As described in Pictures that Talk, a book about the exhibit written by Hoffman Gallery Director and Curator Linda Tesner and funded by the Ford Family Foundation:

Each piece delivers a sucker-punch to the viewer (albeit with a velvet glove), and asks viewers to engage with the work and the artist in a dialogue about the complexities of the human experience, both sacred and profane.

A reception for Artist Tad Savinar will be held on Sunday, January 22, from 3 to 5 p.m. in the Hoffman Gallery. 

I am interested in creating a dialogue between the work and the viewer. Not a one-way diatribe but a genuine back-and-forth conversation. In order to achieve this, I use the tool of beauty to bring the viewer closer, language to engage them, content that is relevant to their lives, and irony to soften the blow.” - Tad Savinar

Ronna and Eric Hoffman Gallery of Contemporary Art

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