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Student Mental Health at L&C: Challenges, Opportunities, and Next Steps

Date: 4:00pm - 5:00pm PST February 15 Location: Smith Hall

  • Chief Psychologist John Hancock
    Chief Psychologist John Hancock
  • Associate Dean of Students Kayleigh McCauley
    Associate Dean of Students Kayleigh McCauley

Smith Hall

In recent years, more college students across the country are needing and asking for mental health support services.   

The acuity of student concerns has led some to refer to current times as the “College Mental Health Crisis.”  The increasing numbers of students requesting support has widespread implications, on issues like student health and safety, student retention, and even instructional delivery. 

How is this “mental health crisis” playing out at L&C? Chief Psychologist John Hancock and Associate Dean of Students Kayleigh McCauley invite faculty and staff to participate in this presentation and discussion about student mental health needs.  John and Kayleigh will:

  • Share aggregate data about student mental health at L&C
  • Address questions related to disability, accommodations, and mental health issues
  • Invite audience members to comment on student, faculty and staff needs related to student mental health
  • Review implications of declining resources in the Counseling Service next year, and identify alternative funding models being explored

Refreshments will be provided.  

If you are curious about student mental health, or have ideas or feelings to express, please make plans to attend!  We are hoping to record the program for those unable to attend.  Contact Laura Mundt ( for more information about a potential recording.  

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