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Birding Afternoon at Tualatin Nat’l Wildlife Refuge

Date: March 14 Location: Templeton Campus Center

  • Great Blue Heron

Templeton Campus Center

This half day trip plans to go to Tualatin National Wildlife Refuge on the west side of the Portland Metro area, about 30 minutes from campus.  Trails here are all paved, fairly short, and accessible to anyone.  Holden Jones, star C.O. trip leader and  Biology major will help you learn to identify some of the amazing avian creatures found here.  Expect to see eagles, hawks, tundra swans, and many other birds as we hike the refuge.  The trip will leave at 11:30 AM after brunch (van pick up at Fields Dining room) and return in time for dinner, around 5 PM.  Unless you need to borrow something, there is no pre trip meeting. Binoculars and hot drinks provided!