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Yoga-Pilates w/ Marie-Noelle

Date: 12:00pm PST November 24

Join us for a Yoga-Pilates hybrid class. We will take participant suggestions and move at the pace of group. We will start with a gentle warm-up and continue with some yoga flow through poses emphasizing the connection between breath and movement. To enhance core strength and balance and increase flexibility, we will include different Pilates exercises throughout each session.  Intermediate techniques will be used but modifications will be offered throughout. Marie-Noelle’s class is suitable for all students, new and old practitioners alike! Consider having a block or blanket ready for class.  Approximately 35-45 minutes. Join us LIVE on Zoom here.

Born and raised in Paris, France and a life-long athlete, Marie-Noëlle started practicing yoga and Pilates in the late ’90’s while raising three wonderful children.

Working as a high school French and Spanish Teacher, yoga and Pilates provided her with a balanced and healthy life. For nearly three decades, she has shared so much of the joy and well-being gotten from the practice with her friends and family.

A graduate of the 2019-2020 Sellwood Yoga Teacher program in Portland OR, Marie-Noëlle looks forward to spreading the joy and encouraging everyone to increase their balance, core strength, flexibility and enhance their well-being.  Marie-Noelle can be reached at Linkedin



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