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Employee Engagement Committee

12 days of THANKSgiving

Date: November 19 - November 30

While so much is uncertain, one common theme we keep hearing (or saying) is how thankful we are. There was a recent study done on the benefits of gratitude for your mental health. With that theme in mind, we’d love for you to join us for our 12 DAYS OF THANKSgiving from November 19-30. Feel free to participate with your colleagues, friends, and/or families. The more the merrier!

Below are 12 activities to do in any order.  Remember to share your activities on our private Instagram page using #ONELCTHANKS.

12 Days of Thanksgiving

  1. Thank a mentor or the person who gave you your first job

  2. Thank a custodian, garbage collector, landscaper, or postal worker

  3. Thank a teacher/professor

  4. Thank someone on social media

  5. Thank a frontline worker, firefighter, or police officer

  6. Thank a family member

  7. Thank a spiritual or community leader

  8. Thank a colleague or someone in the LC community

  9. Thank a veteran

  10. Thank a student

  11. Thank someone who inspires you

  12. Thank yourself by taking some time to do something you enjoy