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Center for Continuing Studies Workshop

Date: March 14, 2009 Location: Rogers Hall 217

Rogers Hall 217

Spend a day exploring the cultures of two fascinating countries in the Southern Cone: Argentina and Chile. These two countries arguably possess some of the richest literary traditions in Latin America. Argentina has a enjoyed a great tradition of narrators with world renowned writers like Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortázar, and Manuel Puig. We will explore Chile, through the lyrical words of native poets. Chilean poetry gained world recognition after Gabriela Mistral became the first Latin American woman to earn the Nobel Prize in 1945, and Pablo Neruda, a celebrated poet, received the Nobel in 1971. In addition to reading fragments of literary texts, we will look at the connections between literature and popular culture by listening to musical settings of poetry, viewing portions of film adaptations, and exploring the impact of literature in other art forms. The instructor is Freddy Vilches, assistant professor of Hispanic Studies.

Featured Events

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