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Paying Attention to Equity: Classrooms as Fulcrums for Justice

Date: January 31, 2009 Location: South Campus, 101

South Campus, 101

Using stories and examples from her 30 years as an inner city classroom teacher in Portland, Linda Christensen, director of the Oregon Writing Project, will explore how she engages students in a critical study about the power of language. She will discuss how teachers build classroom communities that include or exclude students from traditionally marginalized groups.  This seminar/workshop will examine how the choices teachers make influence students of poverty, students of color, and English Language Learners. Christensen will show how she grounds her curriculum in students’ language and lives, teaches  students to pose essential questions about language and society, and encourages them to reflect on ways to make a difference in the world.
Organized by the Student Union Network (SUN), this seminar will take place at the South Campus Conference Center, room 101.

Featured Events

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