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Nancy Folbre

Date: March 16, 2004 Location: Council Chamber, Templeton Campus Center

Council Chamber, Templeton Campus Center

Professor of Economics, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Tuesday, March 16, 7:30p.m., Templeton Student Center, Council Chamber

Nancy Folbre is an economist whose work looks at how non-market production contributes to human and community development and economic growth. Her research focuses on the family, the work roles of family members, and on the relationships among those roles. In her work, Folbre develops a new interface between feminist theory and political economy. Folbre also supports the activities of the Center for Popular Economics, a local collective that teaches economic literacy to political activists and organizers.

Among her many publications are The Invisible Heart: Economics and Family Values, 2001, The Ultimate Field Guide to the U.S. Economy (with James Heintz and the Center for Popular Economics, 2000; The War on the Poor: A Defense Manual (with Randy Albelda and the Center for Popular Economics), 1996.

Folbre is also the co-chair of the research network on families and the economy sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation, and a member of the editorial board of the journal Feminist Economics.

Featured Events

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