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42nd Annual International Affairs Symposium

Date: April 5, 2004 Location: Council Chamber, Templeton Campus Center

Council Chamber, Templeton Campus Center

Please consult the International Affairs Web site for details on speakers and topics.

This year’s symposium focuses on global humanitarian intervention and its controversial role in the international system. The symposium consists of a series of five debates, each structured around a pertinent and polemic question related to the overarching theme. Each debate brings two leading scholars of the field head to head, each presenting and defending her or his position on the issue. Debate questions for this year include issues of national sovereignty vis-a-vis intervention, the development of criteria for determining when a situation is termed a humanitarian crisis in need of intervention, the idea of “humanitarian space” and its alleged disappearance, and the question of defining the concept of humanitarian intervention itself.

The Lewis and Clark College International Affairs Symposium is a time-honored event for the institution and consistently provides a robust format for enriching discourse on pressing issues in the international arena. It brings together a diversity of speakers and viewpoints in order to promote a critical and balanced look at important matters regarding international relations. This year’s symposium on global humanitarian intervention promises to continue in the tradition of excellence and will be an asset to both the college community and the community at large.

All sessions are free and open to the public, and are held in the Templeton Student Center, Council Chamber. Parking for afternoon sessions is $3.

Featured Events

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