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Poetry on Palatine Hill

Date: February 15, 2007 Location: Watzek Library

Watzek Library

Jerry Harp grew up in Mt. Vernon, Indiana (U.S.A.). He has degrees from Saint Meinrad College (B.A.), Saint Louis University (M.A.), the University of Florida (M.F.A.), and the University of Iowa (2002). His books of poetry include Creature (Salt Publishing, 2003) and Gatherings (Ashland Poetry Press, 2004). He co-edited, with Jan Weissmiller, A Poetry Criticism Reader (University of Iowa Press, 2006). His reviews appear regularly in Pleiades. He teaches at Lewis & Clark College.

Urban Flowers, Concrete Plains (Salt Publishing, 2006) takes up where Jerry Harp’s Creature (Salt Publishing, 2003) left off. These are the poems of the Creature, wandering through the world, seeking meaning he fears he’ll never find. These poems experiment with various language and mental states, as well as a variety of poetic forms.

Paul Merchant was born in Wales, and was educated at Cambridge, the University of Athens, and the Shakespeare Institute, Birmingham. He has published translations of Seferis, Elytis, Ritsos and Vakalo (Modern Poetry in Translation 4, 1968), three volumes of poetry: Stones (1973), Salt Water Island (1983), and Bone from a Stag’s Heart (1988), and an edition of three plays by Thomas Heywood (1996). As Director of the William Stafford Archives, he is co-editor with Vincent Wixon of two collections of William Stafford prose: Crossing Unmarked Snow (1998) and The Answers Are Inside the Mountains (2003). He is an associate of Doug Erickson and Jeremy Skinner at the college’s Special Collections.

Some Business of Affinity (Five Seasons Press, 2006) gathers translations from Greek, Latin, medieval Welsh, and modern Greek, alongside exchanges and collaborations with artist Dale Rawls and sculptor Steve Tilden, and poems “recovered” from Coleridge’s prose notebooks, a collection of pieces in transition from one medium to another.

For further information, contact Doug Erickson at or 503 768-7254

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