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International Students of Lewis & Clark (ISLC)

46th International Fair

Date: March 5, 2011 Location: Templeton


Saturday the 5th of March Promises to be a festive celebration of the customs
and traditions from several regions around the world.

ISLC would like to extend an invitation to people of all ages and backgrounds,
to join us for day of food, displays, activities and performances. For more
detailed information or any other questions, please telephone the International
Students and Scholars or get in contact with the co chairs of the fair.

Food & Display — 11pm-1pm
Stamm and Fields Dining Hall, Templeton
Admission Price:
    Adult — $8
    Children — $4

Performances — 2-4pm
Agnes Flanagan Chapel
Admission is free

Contact information:

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International Students of Lewis & Clark (ISLC)

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