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Florida Waters Ecology Paddle Trip

Date: January 8 - January 16

  • Central Florida marine biology
    Central Florida marine biology

Templeton Campus Center

Sign-Up Begins: Friday September 7 at 9:00am

Escape the cold this winter break to canoe and stand up paddleboard in central Florida on some of the most spectacular freshwater, spring fed rivers in the world!  Paddle saltwater channels through mangroves and coastal marshes teaming with shorebirds and raptors, as we explore some of the best wildlife habitats on the southeast coast. Learn about subtropical and tropical ecosystems, avian ecology, and marine biology from Dr. Ken Clifton (chair of Biology at LC), and develop your skills as a canoeist, snorkeler, and stand up paddle boarder.  From most East Coast and Midwestern cities, flights to Orlando are extremely inexpensive. If you spend the first half of winter break at home, here’s a chance to get some warm sunshine before returning to Portland, while learning a lot about subtropical Florida in the process!