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Where the Road Ends

Date: 12:00pm - 1:00pm PDT March 15, 2012 Location: Rogers Hall Room 105

Rogers Hall Room 105

Award-winning author, environmentalist and activist Binka Le Breton lives in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest where she co-directs the Iracambi Research Center, working with the local community to protect the rainforest and improve rural livelihoods. Her book, Where the Road Ends, tells story of how Binka and her husband decided to exchange the international development circuit for life in the Brazilian rainforest where they founded first a forest farm, then a non-profit, and finally a rainforest research center.

Iracambi focuses on research and education, GIS, public policy, sustainability, and water and forest monitoring – all in the context of climate change. In an isolated rural area where, fifteen years ago, there were no good schools, no health care, no roads, no communications and very little hope, Iracambi was a catalyst for mobilizing community action to petition the state governor to set up a new county. Today the community enjoys access to schools, universities, a family health service, improved roads, telephones and internet access.

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