On Being Discussions on Race & Healing

A weekly discussion group for students, staff, and faculty from all three campuses focusing on different On Being podcasts (onbeing.org) from primarily Black voices. Engage the topic of race and healing and work toward justice. Listen to the podcast or read the transcript beforehand, and then gather together around the virtual dinner table to discuss, connect, and act. Sept 23: Resmaa Menakem“Notice the Rage, Notice the Silence” “Resmaa Menakem is a therapist and trauma specialist who activates the wisdom of elders and a very new science, about how all of us carry the history and traumas behind everything we collapse into the word “race” in our bodies. He helps explain why vulnerabilities and inequities laid bare by the pandemic have fallen hardest on Black bodies. He illuminates why all of the best laws and diversity training have not gotten us anywhere near healing.” - Tippett