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Information Technology

Google Group Request

Google Groups make it easy to collaborate with a team, division, department, etc. Your group will have a common email address that can be used for group emails, online discussions and for sharing documents and calendars.

The group sponsor/requester is responsible for ensuring this group functions as expected and day-to-day management of members and access to ensure compliance with relevant college policies. The sponsor/requester should review be familiar with common Google Group administration tasks and IT’s Managing Google Groups helpsheet.

As the group sponsor, you will become the group owner of record and be responsible for managing the group and ensuring compliance with relevant college policies regarding responsible use of technology.
The address submitted will be added to the group as an owner IN ADDITION TO the requester/sponsor email address. If the requester/sponsor is not an owner, please specify in the notes at the bottom of the form.
Please provide us with the full name of your group or committee. If this is a departmental group, please include your department in the name.
This is the address that will be used when sending email and sharing documents and calendars. All addresses must contain at least one dash. For example, the email address for your interest group might be called
Tell us how you plan to use the group. If you are unsure, select Email list which is the most common group type. All group types support sharing in other Google Apps.
If you are unsure, select only group members can post.
If you are unsure, select only group members can view.
If you are unsure, select only invited members.
Which school at Lewis & Clark are you associated with?