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Choosing a Page Template

Any editable page can be turned into a template to create new pages from, simply by flagging it as such. (If a new template is being created from scratch outside of LiveWhale, it must satisfy the following criteria.)

From the LiveWhale interface, click the “Pages” tab. (If the Pages tab does not appear, the administrator has not assigned page editing permissions to you.)

If the page you’re looking for is in a navigation, click its title to view the page details screen. Otherwise, click the “File Browser” submenu, navigate to the page’s directory, and then click the name of the page. (Pages already flagged as a template will appear highlighted in the Browse page’s file listings.)

From the page details screen, check the box labeled “Use this page as a template” to flag this page as a template.

Note: If a page is not valid XHTML, it cannot be used as a template. In such cases, a warning will be displayed, preventing you from checking the template checkbox. This is designed to guard against XHTML markup errors spreading throughout the site. In most cases the errors can be easily resolved. Click the “Why?” link next to “Page is not valid XHTML” to view the errors that must be fixed before the page can be marked as a template.

Click the “Save these changes” button.

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