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Adding a Widget to a Page

LiveWhale widgets can be embedded inside any web page or any content type field that supports HTML. You may either embed a widget that’s already saved, using a WYSIWYG button, or you may manually enter widget syntax.

Using a saved widget carries the additional benefit of being able to edit that saved widget at a future date, and having your change take effect on all instances of the widget automatically.

To embed a saved widget, click in the WYSIWYG field where you’d like the widget to display, then click the widget button in the WYSIWYG toolbar (a gear icon). You may search your widget library using the search field provided, and limit results by widget type. Choose a widget by clicking on it, and then click “Insert this widget”.

To instead enter widget syntax manually, simply use the “Edit HTML Source” button on the WYSIWYG toolbar for that field, and paste or type the widget code where desired.

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