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Moodle Updated

August 26, 2013

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Information Technology has updated Moodle to version 2.4.5.  Here’s a list of highlighted new features and enhancements.

Updated Icons

Icons have been redesigned to be larger, more intuitive and scale for different devices. Editing icons are gray while activity and resource icons are larger and more brightly colored.   

New editing icons

Comparison between 2.3 and 2.4 icons  


New Assignment Features

  • Offline grading - Teachers can now grade assignments “offline” by downloading all files to a zip file along with a grading sheet.  View, grade and give feedback in the grading sheet and then the entire zip file or just the grading sheet can be uploaded back into Moodle and grades/files/comments will be posted to the correct students.

  • Group submissions & grading - Teachers can now allow a single submission for a Group assignment.  You can then either give a common grade and feedback to all group members or give individual grades/feedback.

  • Blind grading i.e. not knowing the identity of students when grading. Students’ names will be replaced by randomly generated Participant numbers.

  • Submission date extensions - Teachers can set a cut-off date (and time) beyond which the submit button will no longer display.  This gives some extra control if you want to allow late submissions, but not indefinitely.  Individual exceptions can be made by granting exceptions to individual students.

  • Submission statement - It will be possible to require students check off a “submission statement” for assignments confirming, for example, that the work is their own and that they have included citations or other required elements.

  • Students can see advanced grading forms (rubrics, marking guides) on the assignment page before submitting their assignment.


What else …

  • Users can now edit the order and number of courses displayed on the My Home Page.

  • Calendars from other sites (Google Calendar, Apple Calender, Other Moodle site’s calendars, etc.) can now be streamed and integrated with Moodle’s calendar using iCal standard.

  • All pages will now work with a screen reader.

  • Open and close dates for quizzes are now displayed on the quiz page.

  • Current course menu item in navigation makes it easier to access reports and participant links.

  • Backend performance increases.


See the  Moodle 2.4 release notes for a complete list of changes.


For more information:

Miranda Carney-Morris