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Users from other groups are able to see your current, live content in their Find interface if it is shared. From that screen they are able to search across all the content in the system and copy or link to content produced by other groups.

All content is shared by default. To toggle something between shared or not shared, edit the item and look for a link that says “Share content to allow borrowing and reuse by other content managers”. Click the globe icon to toggle the sharing state. A highlighted globe means the item will be shared, and a dimmed globe means it is not shared. Click save to save your changes.

If you have produced content you think will be of interest to another group, you may optionally suggest the content to those groups, rather than wait for them to find it themselves. This will prompt users in the other group regarding your suggestion, and give them the opportunity to accept or reject the content without having to go looking for it.

To suggest content to another group, first edit the item you wish to suggest.

On the edit screen, scroll to the bottom of the page and find the section labeled “Suggest this item to the following group(s)”. Specify the group or groups you wish to suggest the story to. (If someone in your group has already suggested the content to a particular group, that group can not be selected.)

When done, click the save button. The content will be saved and the groups you selected will receive a suggestion notice. If someone accepts or declines a suggested item, another notice will be sent to users in the same group, so that they are aware action has already been taken.

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