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Naming Files and Directories in LiveWhale

May 10, 2011

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File naming encompasses many things in LiveWhale like the name of a directory, the name of a file within a directory, a title of a page, or an attached document.

Why is this string of text so important? A good file name helps you organize your content and also gives others on the web enough information to find and share your content.

Here are some best practices when considering file names.


Generally, spelling things out in plain English helps immensely. However, there are some rules. For directories, spell things out but when there is a space between words, use an underscore (“_”) to tie things together.

DON’T: “timydf001” or “this is my directory filename” or “thisismyfilename”

DO: “this_is_my_filename”

Files in Directories

A general rule of thumb for the naming of files is this: every file should be named “index.php” and the directory should provide the descriptive name.

For example, when creating an “About Us” page, the name of the directory should be “about_us” and “index.php” should be a file residing within that directory.

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