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Managing Files (PDFs, Word docs, etc.)?

From the LiveWhale control panel, click the “Files” tab.

The manage files screen will list all files in your group.

From left to right, each file displays:

  • A checkbox allowing you to select multiple files and perform bulk actions from the “With checked items…” dropdown menu. Available actions include: delete, remove tags, add star, remove star, set status, and add tag. Check the checkbox next to the files you wish to apply an action to, then select the desired action from this menu and click the “Go” button. Use the “select all” link to select all items in the list.
  • A star. Click on the star to flag the download as important. These items can optionally be highlighted on your web page, or you may choose to only display starred files with your widget.
  • The status menu. If you wish to change the status of files, select the appropriate status here. “Live” will publish the item immediately, “Hidden” will hide the item from your web site until you are ready to publish it.
  • Title of the file. Click the title to edit the file.
  • If the file is tagged, a list of these tags will appear beside it. Clicking a tag will tell the files manager to only show files with that tag.
  • Beneath the file is its type. Clicking a file type will tell the files manager to only show files with that type.
  • Beneath the file type is the permalink url (direct link) to the file.

To add a new file, click the “Add a New File” link. To add multiple files at once, click “Bulk Add files”.

A “Show by tag” dropdown menu is also available to display files tagged with the selected item.

A “Show by type” dropdown menu is also available to display files of the selected type.

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