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What are Page Details, Popularity and Site Statistics?

April 20, 2010

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When you are logged into LiveWhale, you can see in the blue bar a link entitled, “Page Details.” Clicking this makes a little window drop down that tells who last edited the page (and when), as well as some general “page view” statistics pulled from Google Analytics.

A typical entry:

   •    50 page views in past week (popularity: 66%)
   •    28044 page views in past month (popularity: 70%)
   •    55574 page views in past year (popularity: 71%)

So what does all this mean?

The first row lists hits on your page over the past week; the next two rows give page views for the site as a whole.

Popularity ranks the page hits against the page hits of all other pages on the lclark site. So if you’re 1% you’re one of the most rarely viewed pages, and if you’re 99% you’re… probably the homepage.

A page at 50% popularity is “average,” meaning that about half of the pages on your site are viewed less than that one, and about half are viewed more.

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