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How to view and export form submissions

From the LiveWhale interface, click the “Forms” tab. (If the Forms tab does not appear, the administrator has not assigned the forms module to you.)

The manage forms screen will list all forms in your group.

Find the form you wish to view submissions for. If submissions have been made, a link to view submissions will appear beneath the form title. Click the link to view form submissions.

Submissions for the form will be listed by submission date, along with the other fields included in the form.

A checkbox is provided allowing you to select multiple form submissions and perform bulk actions from the “With checked items…” dropdown menu. To delete any submissions, check the checkbox next to the submissions you wish to delete, then select “Delete” from this menu and click the “Go” button. Use the “select all” link if you wish to select all items in the list.

To view a printable list of submissions, click “View printable”.

If you wish to export the submissions to a CSV file, click “Export CSV”. Submissions exported to CSV will automatically include the submission date as the first field in the CSV output.

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