Signature Symposia Enliven Campus

Warren Multicultural Symposium, Gender Studies Symposium, and International Affairs Symposium.

Warren Multicultural Symposium

In November, the seventh annual Ray Warren Multicultural Symposium offered three days of activities exploring what it means to talk about racism today. Distinguished speakers from around the country and from within the local community discussed issues of race and social justice, including responses to the growth of Islam in America. Ricardo Dominguez, an activist and new media artist at the University of California at San Diego, kicked off the symposium with a talk about his controversial GPS cell phone tool, which helps immigrants safely cross the U.S./Mexico border.

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Gender Studies Symposium

With 30 events scheduled over three days, the 30th annual Gender Studies Symposium, held in March, encouraged audiences to contemplate how conceptions of gender and identity have changed in years past and how society might understand these issues in the future. The campus bustled with regional and national guest speakers—including Amy Richards, a leading voice for young feminists— who spoke on topics ranging from feminist rhetoric to gender in religion.

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International Affairs Symposium

The national debate sparked by Wikileaks came to campus in early April during the 49th annual International Affairs Symposium. The three-day event, which was organized around the theme of international borders, brought together Daniel Ellsberg, the military analyst who released the Pentagon Papers in 1971, and Pentagon spokesperson David Lapan. Additional sessions focused on issues such as foreign aid, international media, and transnational crime.

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