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Class Notes - 1950s


Evedene Russell Bennett B.A. became fascinated by the mysterious death of Meriwether Lewis during the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. After researching the topic, she wrote three articles focused on different aspects of Lewis’ purported suicide. Her research led to General James Wilkinson, who had the motive and means to commit murder. One of her articles, titled “Heal My Wounds,” was published in Private Investigator as a “cold case” on the bicentennial of Lewis’ death.


Arts & Sciences Reunion June 23−26, 2011

Robert Ringo J.D. of Corvallis was selected Veteran of the Year by the Veterans Commemoration Association in Albany. Ringo served with distinction as a bombardier during World War II. After returning home, he launched a successful law practice and volunteered many hours for his community.


Robert E. Jones J.D. was honored by the Federal Bar Association for volunteer mentoring. He is a senior U.S. district court judge for the District of Oregon in Portland.

Winifred Mercer B.M. and Robert “Bob” Mercer B.S., J.D. ’57 have retired and are enjoying life on the Oregon Coast. Winifred taught K-8 music and private piano lessons for 57 years. Bob practiced law for almost 50 years.


Dan Johnson B.S. has retired from his dental practice. Since 2003, he has spent most Wednesdays teaching fifth  and sixth-grade science courses at the Sauvie Island School. He also worked as a volunteer dentist in the Marshall Islands for a year and spent a challenging 49 days at sea sailing home to Astoria. Johnson has served for more than three years as a “member of the public” on many fee arbitration cases. The Oregon State Bar’s Fee Arbitration Program recently asked him to be on its board.

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