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Restoring a Page

From the LiveWhale interface, click the “Pages” tab. (If the Pages tab does not appear, the administrator has not assigned page editing permissions to you.)

Click the “File Browser” submenu and navigate to the directory where the page lived.

A yellow message will tell you how many deleted pages were found in this directory. Click “show deleted items” to view them.

Each deleted page in this directory will be listed. You can preview what a deleted page looked like by clicking the preview link.

The following options are available for each deleted page:

  • Update the file’s path: Click this if the page was externally moved (over FTP) and you simply wish to re-associate the stored revisions for a page with the newly named file.
  • Restore from last revision: Click this to re-create the web page using the last stored revision of the page.
  • Delete the record permanently: Click this to permanently delete all saved revisions of the deleted page. This will make it impossible to restore the deleted page in the future.

To restore the page, click the “restore from last revision” link.

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