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Creating a New Directory

To create a new directory, an administrator must first assign page and directory creation permissions to you.

From the LiveWhale interface, click the “Pages” tab.

Click the “File Browser” submenu. You will see a file system browser allowing you to navigate to the directory in which your new subdirectory should live.

Once you’re in the directory where your new subdirectory should be, click the “Create a new subdirectory here” button. (If the button does not exist, an administrator has not assigned page creation permissions to you.)

On the “Add Directory” screen, fill out the form to create a new directory.

  • Directory name should simply be the name of the new empty subdirectory being created. For example, “departments”.
  • If you wish to password protect this directory, check the box labeled “Password protect this directory” and fill out the username and password required for access.

Click “Save and Return to Pages”.

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