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Information Technology

Microsoft Campus Agreement

September 01, 2011

We’re excited to announce that Lewis & Clark has entered into a Microsoft Campus Agreement providing a campus-wide site license for the latest versions of Microsoft’s operating systems and Microsoft Office Suite. The agreement gives L&C faculty and staff access to the latest versions of this software free of charge.

All computers owned by Lewis & Clark are covered by the Microsoft Campus Agreement and eligible to have the latest version installed. If you would like to update your computer to the latest version of Microsoft Office, please email your request to

Staff and faculty who wish to extend their use to personally-owned computers, must purchase an activation code and optional installation media for $10. Eligible users are permitted to run Microsoft Office software on one personally-owned machine, and must uninstall the software from their personally-owned computer if they are no longer employed by Lewis & Clark. More information and complete terms of use can be found on Microsoft’s Home Use Program website.

See this helpsheet for instructions to purchase an individual activation code and download Microsoft Office to personally owned computers.

At this time, our Microsoft Campus Agreement does not include student-owned computers.