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Oren Kosansky receives second grant for Genizah project

September 01, 2011

Oren Kosansky, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, received an award from the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture. This grant will be used to fund the continuation of Dr. Kosansky’s project, “Intellectual Property and International Collaboration in the Digital Humanities: The Moroccan Jewish Community Archives”, which is currently supported by an NEH Digital Humanities Start-up grant. This extended project, “The Rabat Genizah Project: Digital Archiving, Jewish Scholarship, and the Moroccan Jewish Community”, will result in a digital archive of predominantly 19th and 20th century documents from the genizah of the Jewish community of Rabat, Morocco. The grant will allow the NEH-supported project to move beyond the prototype stage and continue building the digital archives during 2011-12. This archive will give access to hitherto unexplored sources for the modern Jewish history of Morocco and provide an unprecedented resource for scholars in North African Jewish societies and the modern global processes in which they have been situated.  More about the Rabat Genizah Project is available at: (July 2011)

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Sponsored Projects and Research Compliance Office (SPARC)

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