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The best of all worlds

October 03, 2011

  • Photo by Sarah Parker ’13, a College Outdoors trip leader


Situated in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Lewis & Clark offers students the best of all worlds. From the stunning campus, students can head just a few miles north to downtown Portland or take a brief road trip and encounter just about every type of terrain imaginable—from mountains to beaches, volcanoes, deserts, and old-growth forests.

Students get around Portland by bike, bus, streetcar, light rail, and college shuttle. Those who want to venture farther can experience the Northwest through the College Outdoors Program. With dozens of trips each year, the program provides access to spectacular outdoor environments and activities ranging from cross-country skiing to yoga on the beach.

Watch the following videos to see what Lewis & Clark students like to do in Portland and throughout the region.

Favorite things to do in Portland (produced by Ethan Allred ’12):

Lewis & Clark College Outdoors Program (produced by Maya Bendifallah ’13):


Watch more Lewis & Clark videos on YouTube.


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