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What does the page editing toolbar do?

The toolbar is one of the most helpful places for you as you edit your page content.  Once you hit “edit this page,” the toolbar appears just below the top black bar.  

See the accompanying graphic for details about what the toolbar can be used to do.

From LiveWhale Support:

The WYSIWYG [What You See Is What You Get editing] toolbar contains a number of useful buttons to style and lay out content. It is very similar to WYSIWYG toolbars in commonly used word processing applications.

Select the text you wish to style, or place the cursor where you wish to insert an element, and then use the WYSIWYG buttons to perform the desired action.

Note that when you enter text into the editable field, all HTML formatting will be done for you. If you wish to enter raw HTML syntax, you must use the “Edit HTML source” button.

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