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Applications Soar

August 11, 2007

Lewis & Clark’s undergraduate college received a record 5,300 applications for admission, a 14 percent increase over last year and a 28 percent jump from two years ago.

“To judge from the quality and size of the applicant pool, it’s clear that Lewis & Clark is becoming a ‘hot school’ on the national landscape,” says President Tom Hochstettler. “The word about Lewis & Clark is getting out, and people are responding.”

The applicant pool reflects an increase in quality as well as quantity. The average SAT score of those accepted under Lewis & Clark’s nonbinding Early Action program rose 20 points over last year.

Many American colleges are experiencing increased applications because of the greater ease of applying online and the efficiency of the Common Application. Nevertheless, the rise in applications at Lewis & Clark is well above the norm for other selective private colleges. Michael Sexton, dean of undergraduate admissions, cites several likely reasons for the College’s growing popularity, including its Portland location and reputation for academic quality and innovation.

Continuing another recent trend at Lewis & Clark, the applicant pool reflects increased ethnic and geographic diversity. There were 24 percent more students of color admitted under the Early Action program this year than last.

In total, the College expects to enroll about 500 first-year students and 60 transfer students.

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