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Deus ex Machina

March 11, 2007

  • Performing a scene from Tartuffe are (foreground) Hannah Stafford '07, Heather Morowitz '09, and ...
    Performing a scene from Tartuffe are (foreground) Hannah Stafford '07, Heather Morowitz '09, and Claire Rogers '09, with (background) Maya Chensue '08 and Anna Crandall '09.
But, as the president, I admit that at first glance

I was somewhat appalled by your lewd performance …

Look, here you should be reading Kant, Descartes, Chomsky, or Plato,

Thoroughly research the new countries that have joined NATO,

Find out why geckos stick to ceilings,

Explore the Romantics’ inner feelings.

In short, you should study and increase your future earning,

Thus fulfilling the very aim and goal of higher learning.

Still, on the other hand, when I think about it

I actually quite enjoyed your little skit …

President Tom Hochstettler wowed audiences with his ability to speak in rhyming couplets during the theatre department’s fall production of Tartuffe, 17th-century comedy by the French dramatist Molière. Stepan Simek, assistant professor of theatre and the play’s director, scripted the lines for the president’s cameo appearance. 

Lewis & Clark’s Main Stage production included a cast of 12 students and one faculty member (Stephanie Arnold, professor of theatre), a production staff of 14 students and faculty, and a crew of 42 students.

“Close to a thousand people attended the show, with the last weekend hopelessly sold out,” says Simek. “It was a great success.”

Not even a surprise deluge from a leaky roof on closing night could dampen spirits. The president simply made an adjustment to his closing lines: “I beg you to go on and finish our play/While I run off and raise money for the school’s roofing fund … or so I pray.”


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