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College Outdoors Reunion

March 11, 2007

  • Back row: Manuel Oliver, Harfijah Chung Oliver '93, Sally Earll M.Ed. '03, Mark Sher-Kenney, Bernhard Masterson '93, and Dave DeSilva '93.Front row: Kyle Mathews '93, Kimberly Gannett '94, and Lori Moore '99.

“About two years ago, I picked up the phone and heard the voice of Joe Yuska, my former boss and director of College Outdoors, telling me he wanted to reconnect the old office crew on a reunion trip,” writes Kyle Mathews ‘93. “Joe’s enthusiasm was infectious, and before he hung up I was already calculating how many boats we’d need and what the ‘float-and-bloat’ menu might entail.” The result was an alumni rafting trip on the lower Deschutes River in early July.

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