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Sidebar: Matters of the Heart

March 11, 2006

Lewis & Clark College unites the Sack brothers for more reasons than one. Not only are all four brothers alumni, but so are three of their wives.

Bill was a fourth-year medical student when he met his wife, Susan ‘59. He was a lab technician at night at OHSU Hospital, and Susan was a friend of his coworker’s sister. One night the coworker brought Susan by. Brad happened to be there too. When Bill called Susan for a date, she couldn’t remember which brother he was. “Luckily, she didn’t turn me down,” Bill says. They have one daughter, Gretchen, and one grandson.

Bob also was in medical school when he met his first wife, Leslie ‘65. Although both had gone to Lewis & Clark, they didn’t meet on campus. She was a friend of a friend and had served in the Peace Corps before finishing college. Their daughters are Heather and Sydney. Leslie died in 1996. Two years later, Bob married Corinna Campbell-Sack, who had attended Lewis & Clark for two years and had known Leslie in high school.

David is married to Jean ‘67. They met the first day she stepped on campus as a first-year student. David was a junior who had volunteered to help with new student orientation. “This was one trick that upperclassmen knew to meet the cute new freshman girls before others found them,” David says. They were married three years later. They have two children, Rebecca and Paul, and two grandchildren. Paul, an endocrinologist, is one of two Sacks in the next generation who have become doctors.

Brad was the first brother to marry. He met his wife, Jo, at Good Samaritan Hospital, where she was a student nurse and he was an orderly and a college student. They have been married for 50 years. Brad and Jo have four children–Collette, Dan, James, and Jonathan–and six grandchildren. Dan, an anesthesiologist, is the other physician among the Sack cousins.

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