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To Leslie Ross Swinford ‘84 and her husband, Rich Swinford, son Carl, July 29, 2003. Colleen Riley ‘85 and Ina Gebert ‘87 attended the baby shower.

To Gary Goldsmith ‘87 and his wife, Lisa Willis Goldsmith, son Nolan Clark, August 8, 2005. Nolan joins sisters Maggie, 22 months, and Natalie, 4.

To Beth Foster Fox ‘88 and her husband, Larry Fox, son Benjamin Morris, August 29, 2005. Benjamin joins sister Nora, 2.

To Elizabeth Ardinger Olsen ‘88, M.A.T. ‘92 and her husband, Larry Olsen, daughter Annaline Elizabeth Grace, April 29, 2005. Annaline joins brother Sawyer, 5.

To Gina Angelone ‘90 and her husband, Jon Larson, daughter Katherine Olivia, September 12, 2004.

To Derek Larson ‘90 and his wife, Theresa “Trece” Anderson ‘91, daughter Piper Amelia, April 23, 2005. Piper joins sister Hazel Adair, 4. The parents expect recruiting materials from the admissions office in 13 years!

To Genet Erickson Adam ‘92 and her husband, Peter Adam, daughter Taylor, September 19, 2004, and son Luke, May 20, 2003. Taylor and Luke join

twin stepsisters, Jessica and Brittney, 12.

To Suzanne “Nani” Davis ‘93 and her husband, Kurt Kaliebe, son Kainoa Vaugh, July 22, 2005. Kainoa joins siblings Mohala, 5, and Koa, 3.

To Kathleen Eugster Middleton ‘93 and her husband, Guy Middleton, daughter Katie Noel, February 16, 2005. Katie joins brother Jack, 5.

To Dion Michaels West ‘94 and her husband, Jon West ‘95, son Connor, July 27 2004.

To Kristin Smith Rueber ‘95 and her husband, Scott Rueber, daughter Emma, September 15, 2004.

To Jon West ‘95 and his wife, Dion Michaels West ‘94, son Connor, July 27 2004.

To Grace Aguilar ‘96, M.A.T. ‘00 and her husband, Jon Auld ‘96, M.A.T. ‘99, son Simon Henry, November 11, 2004.

To Jennifer Post LeBoutillier ‘96 and her husband, Stephen LeBoutillier ‘00, assistant director of alumni and parent programs at Lewis & Clark, son Harrison Herman, August 15, 2005. 

To Stefanie Paulson Kingston ‘97 and her husband, Miles Kingston, son Lucas, May 29, 2004.

To Eric Merten JD ‘97 and his wife, Sarah Merten, son Cole Heinz, February 1, 2004.

To Jorge Sega ‘97 and his wife, Jhojana Bonyuet, son Daniele, August 30, 2005.

To Selim Star ‘97 and his wife, Hallie Kelly, daughter Hennessey, May 3, 2001.

To Razvan Mihailescu ‘98 and his wife, Cathy Schley Mihailescu ‘99, son Robby, August 24, 2003. Robby joins brother Sammy, 5.

To Elizabeth Schirk-Walrond ‘98 and her husband, Wade Walrond, son Ian Rhys, September 22, 2004.

To Melissa Carosella Schreiber ‘98 and her husband, Till Schreiber, twin daughters Madeleine and Emily, March, 2005.

To Cathy Schley Mihailescu ‘99 and her husband, Razvan Mihailescu ‘98, son Robby, August 24, 2003. Robby joins brother Sammy, 5.

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